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"Slip-Ups" FLEXI-PLUS Day/Night Incontinence Panties Full Bag of 10


This is the next level up in the Flexi style pant, the Plus series absorption capacity. This is the very same panty as the Flexi-Soft with more absorption capacity, that can also be used for overnight use. For those individuals that need a little more capacity during the day these pants also work exceptionally well. If you need a more aggressive absorption capacity we will also have this same pant in our Flexi-Maxi capacity very soon. Just another new addition to our adult size "Slip-Ups" brand pull on diaper pant. This panty also contains a full spectrum integral pad with standing leak guards and plenty of length to cover both the front and rear or bottom area. They will absorb a full 24 ounces of fluid being distributed a little more quickly with a wide distribution pattern. The pant should be changed immediately after one full wetting. They will handle one full volume emptying of the bladder in one wetting. We are primarily targeting these pants to the general public but they are also a great pant for the ABDL community for daytime wear while playing or wearing to work or on outings. They are quite stretchy and have a nice body hugging fit for both men and women alike. They are constructed of a super soft cotton like material making them as comfortable as regular underwear. With tear away side seams for easy changing and disposal, and an added feature of a small adhesive strip on the upper back close to the waist for taping up the rolled up brief allowing neat and convenient disposal. 

Your current options are Medium and Large. Size Small and X-Large should be available in the future The large size has a great deal of stretch and will fit some of you in the X-Large range. We are also in the design phase of additional new pull on style panties but don't have all the final particulars nailed down yet. However, they will be like nothing else currently on the market and prove to be a revolutionary and exciting new product for ABDL's and young adults alike for daily and overnight wear capacities. These new Pants are being specifically custom constructed to contain more than twice the composition of Fluff and SAP for multiple heavy volume wettings and they will swell up quite nicely too. Get this 10 count bag in your specific size available below.

Medium = 24" to 44"

Large = 32" to 52"

Please let us know what you think of our new pant!

(The pant you will receive will have Nateen printed on the outside of the pant. These are our first shipments from the same supplier that makes the very same product for the European market. No infringement is intended. Our pants will have even more absorption capacity when we receive our shipment direct from the factory)