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4 Pack Safari Baby Character Print Diapers by Rearz Ultra High Capacity Adult Baby Diaper Sampler

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This 4 diaper pack is a sampler of the now famous Rearz Safari Print diapers. We have added these through a special purchase from Europe to our new "ColorBottoms" line of vividly printed adult baby style diapers. These are what are known as state 10 level diapers, the highest absorbency diapers on the market.They are packed with SAP and extra fluff to make them the thickest diaper padding and a little extra wide through the crotch area at 8" wide for ultimate absorption and comfort. Your options are Medium, Large and X-Large. I consider them the most thirsty style diapers available so far with a manufacturers specification of over 5,000ml or 170oz holding capacity. Their thickness and cute prints will be quite noticeable peeking out from under your short sundress or romper. If you have never worn these adorable diapers and experienced their extra large soaking capacity and swelling factor you must treat yourself to their magnificence. Get this 4 pack in your specific size and see what I mean. All sample packs include free shipping.

Medium Size = 30" to 44"

Large Size = 40" to 56"

X-Large Size = 48" to 60"