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4 "ColorBottoms-TM" Blue Full Print High Capacity Adult Baby Diaper Sampler

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This is a 4 diaper sampler of our new "ColorBottoms-TM" vividly printed adult baby style diaper. Your options are Medium, Large and X-Large. These are the latest and cutest diapers completely new to the North American market. They really are a thirsty style diaper with extra SAP for ultra absorption and will handle multiple wetting's with ease. Manufacturer specifies a 4000ml or 135oz capacity. They will be quite noticeable peeking out from under your short sundress or romper. We hope you love these adorable diapers and their extra large soaking capacity. Get a 4 pack of each size so you can make sure you get the perfect fit. All sample packs include free shipping.

Medium Size = 32" to 44"

Large Size = 40" to 56"

X-Large Size = 52" to 68"