New Walk-In Store Grand Opening July 19, 20 and 21, 2017

Why We Started ABDL Creations


I have realized that personal passions, both yours and mine, run very high in this community! Diversity has become the new buzz word of the Millennia and our passion has brought us to understand that your passions are equal if not greater than even our own. I began studying ABDL more than twenty five years ago, before it was called ABDL, and have been sitting on the fence trying to figure out when the time would be right to bring high quality ABDL diapers to you. A few business savvy AB/DL individuals personally involved in this lifestyle, like myself, have decided to jump in and create new startups with exceptional products. I commend and endorse them as I have used most of their diapers and hope they continue to do well. I am also determined to join the fray in bringing more, even higher quality ABDL diapers and garments to those, who like myself, have been searching for top notch garments combined with customer service and an expansive knowledge base. Some will say we are getting a slow start, but bear with us, we propose to be one of the top, if not the top producer and supplier of AB/DL diapers and related merchandise. We have created some of the most cutting edge new undergarments, diapers, pull-on pants, diaper covers, onesie's and vinyl protective pants including an entirely new adult diaper product that we are keeping secure and under wraps until we have the product in stock and place on the site live for sales. I hope you find all of our new offerings intriguing and of excellent quality, fit and functionality after you have had the opportunity to give them a personal test drive. We have worked exceedingly hard to create the best of the best and we can't wait to hear what you think of them and how we can possibly make them even better.

Consulting The Experts

I, like you, have searched the internet for unique AB/DL diapers and specialty garments for what we now refer to as "Littles" and day to day diaper lovers/wearers in the general public. Over the years the original adult diaper manufacturers who continually tell us about all the improvements they have made to their supposedly awesome adult diapers is ludicrous. Their corporate structure is based on delivering an inferior product that cost them less and less to manufacture through degradation of materials and substance and continue to charge the same or even higher prices in some cases for these so-called improvements to their product lines. I label it Disgraceful.

On the other end of the spectrum you have entrepreneurial business men and women who live in diapers every day. They, like myself, have decided to take the Over-The-Counter manufacturers of adult diapering products to task and remove them from the equation. In doing so, the bar has been raised and the adult diaper products now available to our market segment have been improved dramatically, and through these efforts the selection of unique diapers and AB/DL garments will continue to expand to new heights. Reading forums and communicating with you, the users of these wonderful items, has provided us the expertise to put together what we believe is a perfect mix of products to make them available to you, the actual Experts!

Let's Talk AB/DL

We believe the more thirsty the diaper the more improved your daily living can become. We searched the world over for the finest and most thirsty diapers we could find and then added some of our own unique customized properties to the mix. In the final analysis we feel we have created some of the most absorbent diapers and pull on pants, in our new "Slip-Ups" panty, available to the market today. Our primary focus has been to mix a diverse selection of both ultra functionality and beautiful print styles, to create the most perfect diapers, panties and more. Whether they be for everyday living or those special "Little" times when you want to bring out your inner child, our diapering products will fit most any special need and occasion. These new diapers, we feel, will blow your mind. Give them a try and let us know what you think. We are also offering the highest quality thirsty diapers and pull-on protective pants for you DL's and the general public as well. If you agree and help us become successful we will bring some of the most interesting, new, outside the box ideas in AB/DL garments ever experienced. We think you will be impressed and very happy with our ideas and offerings. Thank you so much!